About Us

Who We Are

Miami Tropical Wholesaler, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business conveniently located in the city of Miami, Florida. Since 1998, we have been proudly serving our diverse customer base ranging from large supermarket stores to restaurant chains and the hospitality and foodservice industry, among others. We are dedicated to providing superior customer support and the most diverse product selection from around the world, including exotic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other specialty products, to list a few.

Our Team

We are backed by a team of skilled and professional staff members with years of experience in the food industry. These professionals have devoted time and resources to develop a systematic and dependable approach to respond to our clients’ needs on time, cost-effectively, and with products that will add value to their establishments. Our company strongly believes in Farm to Table. Therefore, we have our own farms in Central America, where we grow a significant portion of our fruits and vegetables, following strict quality control measures and good manufacturing practices. We believe that fruits and vegetables should be delicious. Always!

Our Mission

Our company understands that our success derives directly from our customers’ success. We work hard to reach their goals, meet their requirements, and supply them with the best quality and product assortment that each of their businesses needs to meet their patrons’ requests. In addition, we provide value-added services and strive to be a full-service provider with tailored solutions all within one convenient location.

Our Process

How We Bring You The Freshest Fruits And Vegetables

Over the years, MTW, Inc. has created strategic relations with the best fruit and vegetable growers worldwide to bring the most complete selection of fresh fruits and vegetables year- round.

Our large facility enables us to stock a diverse inventory to fulfill our loyal customers’ daily demands and needs. All goods are kept within our refrigerated rooms to ensure that they are preserved as fresh and beautiful as the day we picked them.

Our dedicated staff measures our process from beginning to end to ensure that our products remain fresh from our facility to our customer’s destination.

From arrival, our goods are handled with care, maintained in a temperature and environmentally controlled areas, transported in our refrigerated trucks, and personally delivered throughout South Florida 24-7.


We work with retail stores, restaurants, and the hospitality industry, among other types of businesses in South Florida. Ready to partner with us?


Find fruits like papayas and oranges and tropical varieties, including guavas and passion fruit.


Order from a wide range of tropical and everyday vegetables like boniato, yuca, and squash.


Get the freshest herbs and spices, including cilantro, basil, oregano, sage, and more.